Tim Hatfield and other members of the OHS marching band.Mr. John Jeskey and Mrs. Judy Tredwell smile for the camera.Mr. Larry Griffin, Physics teacher extraordinaire.Coach John Giffin lays out the plan.Bleacher fans cheer the team in the "old" gym.Orono Hockey adds excitement to the winter months.Majorettes in formation.Slaves of Liberty: Quinn Collins, Geoff Battick, Anders Pogozelski(sp?), Rocky CollinsWinter Carnival participants Russ Worrick and Lee Sibley, both Class of 1967.The Senior Play of 1962, "You Can't Take It With You."Sophomores "hang out" in an Orono school bus.John Toole playing a Stage Band solo.Custodians and bus drivers. Bill McDonald, center, still works at OHS!James E. DeRocher, another 1917 graduate.Prom festivities.
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Reunions: 50th Reunion in the Making

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Phil Getchell 1970 3/22/2018 1:01pm Hello Class of 70; Yes it's WICKED EARLY, but "HERDING CATS" isn't easy and it takes time to round them all up. SO.... I am starting early (2yrs) and beginning with some success too. I have 22 already and am looking for others. Working off a 10 year old list is a start but I know we have mostly moved or at least changed our E mail addresses at least once since then. SO I am requesting for those who would like to get together in 2020 to contact me, Phil Getchell at PGetchell1@roadrunner.com with your updated E Mail and postal Address. This summer I will be contacting those interested to see what we'd like to do or even start a committee to kick this off. We are not getting any younger and YES we are losing Classmates now. Last count was we're down 4 or 5 anyway.

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