Mr. Larry Griffin, Physics teacher extraordinaire.Orono Hockey adds excitement to the winter months.Majorettes in formation.Dave Graves goes for the layup.Sue Sherrill pitches for OHS softball.Principal Grover MacLaughlin.John Toole playing a Stage Band solo.The "new" high school.Viola Morris, Class of 1917.Mr. John Jeskey and Mrs. Judy Tredwell smile for the camera.These "crazies" are Gail (Wadlin) Joslin, Susan Greenhalgh, and Sandra Emerson. Gail writes, "Tell the teachers not to fret--we turned out OK, have advanced degrees and good jobs!!"Coach John Giffin lays out the plan.Teenagers weren't getting enough sleep even in the 1950's.The Stage Band poses with Mr. Bob Modr.The Senior Play of 1962, "You Can't Take It With You."
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