Jon Langille and Davis Greenwood taking a break from spring track.Shep Sheppard leads the cast of "Pirates of Penzance" in song.David Dow, here an OHS senior, was later "Mr. Dow" to scores of eighth grade science students.Mrs. Nancy Gilles, longtime Yearbook advisor, and Yearbook staff. The 1992 yearbook was dedicated to Mrs. G. Sue Sherrill pitches for OHS softball.Prom festivities.Winter Carnival participants Russ Worrick and Lee Sibley, both Class of 1967.Donna Weatherbee marches with the OHS band.Majorettes in formation.Orono Hockey adds excitement to the winter months.Viola Morris, Class of 1917.Pole vaulter Fran Cathcart at a spring meet.Dave Graves goes for the layup.Tim Hatfield and other members of the OHS marching band.Mr. Larry Griffin, Physics teacher extraordinaire.
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Does it cost anything to use this website?
No. However, we encourage you to become a voting, supporting member of the OHSAA by paying $10 in yearly dues (see the Dues & Donations page).

Will any of my personal information be displayed?
Though we require you to enter your e-mail address when registering for the site, you may choose whether or not to display it on your public profile. Your mailing address and phone numbers will be displayed only to those who have also registered to use the website. If you do not wish to have your address or phone numbers displayed at all, you may leave these fields blank. Whatever you type in the occupation/employer fields and in "my biography" will be displayed, but you may leave these blank if you prefer.

Will you give or sell my e-mail address or mailing address to anyone else?
No. Your e-mail address and mailing address will remain stored in our Alumni Association database. When you register you will have the option of receiving e-mails about OHSAA news and events or notification of new forums or posts. We may occasionally send out mailings to everyone in our database. We will ask your permission before giving out your e-mail or mailing address to reunion organizers.

Who programmed and designed this stunning website?
Matt Clark of GORGES website design & development. Matt grew up in Orono and was a member of the Class of 1981. The OHSAA greatly appreciates the time and expertise Matt has donated to make this website a functioning reality!

What if something on the site isn’t working right?
PLEASE tell us as soon as you encounter a problem so we can fix it. Click on Contact OHSAA and send a message to our webmaster, Matt Clark, or to the site editor, Betsy Rose.

About the OHSAA

Who can be a member of the OHSAA?
Anyone who attended or taught at Orono High School is automatically a member of the OHSAA and is invited to our all-alumni functions.

Why should I pay the $10 yearly dues?
The yearly dues go toward sustaining the organization in a number of ways. The money we collect goes toward sponsorship of all-alumni events, occasional mailings to alumni, and projects to benefit current students. Members who pay dues will also be eligible to vote at annual meetings, run for OHSAA offices, and reap occasional "dues-paying-members-only" rewards.

Are my dues and contributions tax-deductible?
Yes! We are a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation.

How do I pay dues and/or make a donation?
You may pay online from this website via our PayPal account, or you may write a check and send it to us. Details can be found on our Dues & Donations page.

Will the OHSAA establish scholarships?
Possibly. We will keep you posted.

I’d like to help with the OHSAA, but I live far away from Orono. What can I do?
You can help in many ways! If you are in touch with other OHS alums or others in your family went to OHS, spread the word! Give them the website address so they can register and check it out. If you have ideas about get-togethers for OHS alums in your area, post them on a message board; you might be living around the corner from another alum. Come to our events when you are visiting Orono! Pay dues and/or make a donation. Most importantly, stay in touch, and send us your ideas! We want to hear from you!
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