Shep Sheppard leads the cast of "Pirates of Penzance" in song.John Toole playing a Stage Band solo.James E. DeRocher, another 1917 graduate.The Stage Band poses with Mr. Bob Modr.These "crazies" are Gail (Wadlin) Joslin, Susan Greenhalgh, and Sandra Emerson. Gail writes, "Tell the teachers not to fret--we turned out OK, have advanced degrees and good jobs!!"Dave Graves goes for the layup.Slaves of Liberty: Quinn Collins, Geoff Battick, Anders Pogozelski(sp?), Rocky CollinsThe "new" high school.Bleacher fans cheer the team in the "old" gym.David Dow, here an OHS senior, was later "Mr. Dow" to scores of eighth grade science students.Mrs. Nancy Gilles, longtime Yearbook advisor, and Yearbook staff. The 1992 yearbook was dedicated to Mrs. G. Winter Carnival participants Russ Worrick and Lee Sibley, both Class of 1967.Majorettes in formation.Coach John Giffin lays out the plan.Prom festivities.
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Below is the list of OHSAA members.  You can search by class, by name, by state, or distance from your zip code.  Click on a column heading (such as Name, Class, or State) to sort by that column.  Alums who have written a biography are boldfaced.  Be sure to try our Members Map page!

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First Name Last NameAscend Birth Name Class City & State  
Brenda Zollitsch   1988 Portland, ME [view profile]
JJ Zeph   1993 ME [view profile]
Leslie Zane Zane 1991 Makawao , HI [view profile]
Thomas Zagalo   1980   [view profile]
Thomas Zagalo   1970   [view profile]
Emily Young Young 1968 Palo alto, CA [view profile]
Lauren Young Young 2006 Orono, ME [view profile]
Michael Young Young 1970 South Burlington, VT [view profile]
Rhett Yeakley   1995 Redding, CA [view profile]
Rhys Yeakley   1994 Caldwell, ID [view profile]
Andrew Wynne Wynne 1974 Hanford, CA [view profile]
Howard Wright   1984 Bellingham, WA [view profile]
Justin Wright   1998 Fair Lawn, NJ [view profile]
Bruce Worcester   1956 Lakeview, AR [view profile]
Robert Woodbury   1961 Bonita Springs, FL [view profile]
Craig Woodard   1982 South Hadley, MA [view profile]
Carl Wolfhagen Wolfhagen 1971 Olympia, WA [view profile]
Emily Woiwood Sypher 2006 Des Moines, IA [view profile]
Amy Wlodarski Wlodarski 1993 Carlisle, PA [view profile]
Carol Winters Humphrey 1971 southwick, MA [view profile]
Carl Winchester same 1981 brewer, ME [view profile]
Jolene Wilson Jolene Doucette 1977 St. Cloud, FL [view profile]
Alfred Williams   1980 Losangeles, CA [view profile]
Deborah Williams Kittridge 1970 Lilburn, GA [view profile]
Daniel Willett Willett 1965 Gorham, ME [view profile]

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