OHS football players.Tim Hatfield and other members of the OHS marching band.Teenagers weren't getting enough sleep even in the 1950's.Mr. Larry Griffin, Physics teacher extraordinaire.Prom festivities.Majorettes in formation.The "new" high school.The '47 Crimson Crier cover photo.Donna Weatherbee marches with the OHS band.The Senior Play of 1962, "You Can't Take It With You."Pole vaulter Fran Cathcart at a spring meet.Dave Graves goes for the layup.Jon Langille and Davis Greenwood taking a break from spring track.Orono Hockey adds excitement to the winter months.The Stage Band poses with Mr. Bob Modr.
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Class of 1980's 30th a Big Success!

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Class of 1980's 30th a Big Success!

August 8, 2010

Organizer Candi McKay Hackett writes: "The CLASS OF 1980 came together on the weekend of August 6 & 7th, 2010. The weekend began with the Pat's Pizza event, which was so crowded that some people even left . It was the funniest thing. I know when I came in, I did not recognize several of the men there. Needless to say, I bought name tags for the next night. Over 50 of our classmates attended one night or the other. The next time we will have to have the whole room to ourselves or pick a bigger venue. The second night was held at the Hollywood Slots, in the Lancaster Room. Our class was well represented. Awards were given for : Farthest Traveled: Janet Smith Wheeler; Longest Married: Aaron and Elaine (Frye) St. Louis; Most eligible: Mark Nevells; Largest Family: Dawn Morrison Watts (8 kids), (combined!); Most Changed: Kathleen Horan (she was mortified, she said, "I had buck teeth, glasses, and acne, I hope I have changed!!" I think it was her personality we were talking about. (NO longer QUIET!!); Least Changed: Suzie Collier Chase; The 1990 Reunion Award was given to Ed Hackett, it was called the Best Bear Humping Award. He did not hump a bear this time, but the inflatable doll that Mike Flynn and Kevin McKay gave to Jack got several kisses and the such. Candi (me) Hackett was given a frame and a generous gift certificate to Quality Jewelers , Sonny LeClair's store, in Bangor. She intends to buy diamond earrings . Mike Flynn did a fine job as MC, and Tom Rowe, Billy Smith, Mike Sullivan, and Marjorie Murphy were remembered by their classmates. ALUMNI T-SHIRTS AND POLO SHIRTS WERE SOLD. THEY ARE GENERIC, SO IF YOU WOULD LIKE ONE, YOU CAN CONTACT CMH1414@MSN.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION. T's Have a Riot on it and Orono Alumni over it and I USED to be a Riot under it. The polo's have an O with Orono Alumni surrounding it, embroidered. the shirts are $20 and $10 plus S&H. Next reunion MAY be in 5 years, but if classmates come to town they are encouraged to email Candi at the above address and we can bring something together to meet at Pat's to see you.

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